Welcome to my latest blog.  This one is about my 'REIKI INTENT SLIPS'.  Reiki follows your intent.

What I offer via this blog is:

Handwritten version of the following types of Intent Slips.  One is for wealth (in the example, but it's a generalized type).  One is for sending messages to a departed loved one (human or animal).  The other is for help with grief (I've used this the most lately due to personal loss of my older Sister).

Each intent slip costs £2, sent to my Paypal (lyndacw (at) googlemail (dot) com).  Once you've sent payment, email me the details required for slips at same email address with subject: Reiki Intent Slip.  Once the intent slip is handwritten, I burn them (to activate them, send request up into the eather via the smoke that rises).  I then scatter intent slip ashes outside, so the wind can blow them away.  If intent slips are for anything purposely negative, then I'd bury the ashes instead.

You'll notice on examples below that I mention Private Symbol(s).  These are symbols I've created myself that correspond with overall, desired intent.